Friday, July 11, 2008

As L&V Say: 'Squeee!'

I finally updated my COLORBOMB Creations shop on Etsy yesterday, and sent out my very *first* official shop update email to my growing list of fans, and was instantly rewarded this morning when I discovered that in addition to several sales, I had been featured on the Lime & Violet blog Daily Chum as their ESotD (read: featured Etsy crack yarn sellers)! How cool is that?!? You can read their writeup of me and my yarns/fibers here.

Here are some of the yarns I added to my shop:

COLORBOMB 'Green Man' Raggedy(tm) handspun yarnCOLORBOMB 'Green Man' Shaganator(tm) handspun yarnCOLORBOMB 'Tuscan Romance' WoolyBear(tm) handspun yarnCOLORBOMB 'Tiger Moth' Spiralosity(tm) yarnCOLORBOMB 'Eau de Toilette' WoolyBear yarn

All the BOMBatts are gone already (!), but I'm busy crankin' out more, and there are a bunch of BOMBits art yarn ingredient spinning kits there, and some knitting buttons. More added in the coming days.

Happy freakin' Fiber Friday to YOU! :)


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Oh my god!! That's really cool. Been listening to L&V forever (until I broke my ipod anyway)! Yay! And congrats on your upcoming nups. I just bought a cute address book. Could you send me your mailing address plus bday to my new hotmail account? It's While Tangerine Dreams at blah blah, you know? Many squees to you and your main squees on your big day!

  2. Hi K! Thanks for the wed well-wishes! We're pretty damn excited; leaving Thurs a.m., then old married peeps by Fri night! :)

    I'll send those deets now. hugs, v


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