Friday, April 25, 2008

Scarfy Adventures

A bit of a knitting update for Fiber Friday: remember 'Cotton Candy', the first (and only, so far) of the Floofle-y line? I've been knitting on it off and on for *weeks* now, trying to come up with the right thing for it. Tried a freeform crochet hat first; didn't like it. Frogged and did an 8-stitch scarf; didn't like it, too wide. Frogged again, 6-stitch scarf next; didn't like it. That's it in the photo. Still too wide, I think. I think I'll frog yet again and try with only 3 stitches, in the same improvised drop-stitch pattern, and see how that works. I think it wants to be skinny. Feel free to make suggestions. Oh, and there's a closeup view on Flickr & at its Ravelry project page.

I completely forgot to put the info about BSG Bingo into my post on Black Sheep Gathering!! Doh. I'm out of energy, so I think I'll postpone 'til tomorrow, 'kay?

PS - I have a new online friend, jelover9, who is a new blogger, and I just read that her house caught on fire! It didn't burn down, but all her yarn smells icky-poo, and she's having a bad week. So go give her some love, wouldja? Read her blog and leave a comment with some virtual support. Me? I'm gonna send her some candy yarn.


  1. love the color - it looks really soft and cozy too!

  2. Good luck finding it's mojo but I love how it looks. The close up got me much more interested. I love the red bits.

  3. thanks meg! seems weird to be knitting a scarf in april, but i'll be loving it come fall!

    loopy: yeah, hard to see the sparkle in the main shot; they show up much better in the closeup.


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