Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Fiber Friday Again!

It's Friday, so it must be about the fiber! Since today is Day 3 of the Big Knit for The Big O (no new spinning since like Tuesday), I'm sharing the mosaic of yarns past that I created for the Yum Yum Yarn Collages thread in Novelty & Art Yarn Spinners group on Ravelry. (Don't forget: those links will only work if you are a registered Ravelry member.) Here's the links to the individual photos in the mosaic, if you want more info on one:

1. COLORBOMB 'Gender Wars', 2. COLORBOMB 'Right Off My Head', 3. COLORBOMB 'Happy Feet', 4. COLORBOMB 'Always Room 4 Jello' on bobbin, 5. COLORBOMB 'Eco-Groovy' detail, 6. COLORBOMB 'End of October', 7. COLORBOMB 'Gimme Grapes', 8. COLORBOMB 'Wrong Number' detail, 9. COLORBOMB 'Chocolat Vert', 10. COLORBOMB 'Fly Swatter', 11. COLORBOMB Handspun Artyarn, 12. COLORBOMB 'Spring Carnival' detail, 13. COLORBOMB 'Easter Bunny on Acid' Lockalicious™ handspun yarn
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I also want to share the yummy Cotswold locks from The Speckled Ram that I got last week, in LOUD Velma-esque colors. The proprietress of TSR, Pepper, gave me exceptional customer service, and I can recommend her without qualification (although I temporarily cleaned her out of Cotswold with my purchase). Turned some of the locks into the 'Easter Bunny on Acid' Lockalickious™ yarn above. Love me some locks!

Finally, here's a peek at The Big O, after finishing half of the lining last night. Now, off to line the other side! Have a great weekend, all, and check back to (hopefully) see the completed bag by Tuesday.

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