Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BIG WEEK: Handspun, FiberFriday, Disc Golf, & Sun Spun!!

What a beautiful week we've had on the north coast! Sunny, clear, and WARM, around 60F. Whee! I took advantage of it (gotta grab those days w/o rain where you can up here), and spun in the sun! Inspired by the sunny weather, I finally tackled this skein I've been planning for my online friend ☆Ayako☆ in Japan, who I met through Ravelry. She makes the MOST amazing things, including beautiful art yarns on her spindle. She spun me a special skein, custy Velma yarn. You can read about it HERE. This photo is the skein I made for her!

Yarn Style: BOMBastic™ handspun
Colorway: 'Ayako Love'
17yds./15m., 2.6oz./75g., 3WPI

Uncarded Lincoln/Romney wool locks in deep rose, acid green, and turquoise blue (her faves!) + vintage lace scraps, sequins, tulle fabric, feathers, and pompom strands! Super-Bulky.

It's also Fiber Friday, so I've posted a *bunch* of new handspun yarns to both my Etsy shop and my Flickr '08 handspun set. Some are for sale, some I'm hoarding for myself!! Here are some details on them for you. (The first 3 are up for sale on COLORBOMB Creations; the rest are either spoken for or in my stash.)

Yarn Style: WoolyBear™ handspun
Colorway: 'Lipstick Stain'
44yds./40m., 3.1oz./87g., 5WPI

Nothing but wool here! 100% Cormo wool, dreamy Cormo wool, in uncarded fuzzy-felty singles in HOT PINK! Super-Bulky weight.

Yarn Style: Curlicuey™ handspun
Colorway: 'Caribbean Dream'
62yds./56m., 3.7oz./105g., 5WPI

Lofty 100% merino wool singles plied in beehives with a poly thread. in the aqua, lavender, gold, and copper of a tropical cruise. Super-Bulky weight.

Yarn Style: Barberpole™ handspun
Colorway: 'Lovers Leap'
66yds./60m., 4.7oz./139g., 6WPI

100% wool singles singles spun spiral-fashion with *5* different threads carried along to create the barberpole effect. Hot pink wool + butter yellow, mint green, pale pink, & 2 metallic fuschia threads. Sparkly! Super-Bulky weight.

Yarn Style: Curlicuey™ handspun
Colorway: 'Cranberry Detox'
44yds./40m., 2.5oz./70g., 5WPI

100% Romney wool singles, overplied w/ poly thread. Super-Bulky weight. Gifted.

Yarn Style: TnT Plus!™ handspun
Colorway: 'Love Lies Bleeding'
38yds./34m., 2.9oz./82g., 8WPI

Super-soft alpaca in black combined with silky red kid mohair locks. Can't let this one go! Aran weight. Stashed.

Yarn Style: Lockalicious™ handspun
Colorway: 'Love Lies Bleeding (Trim)'
5yds./4.5m., 0.9oz./25g., 5WPI

Silky-soft kid mohair locks in bright red! Coordinates with TnT Plus!™ in 'Love Lies Bleeding'. Stashed.

Yarn Style: Floofle-y™ handspun
Colorway: 'Cotton Candy'
25yds./22m., 3.8oz./107g., 3WPI

First in the new Floofle-y™ style, this is the fluffliest yarn you'll find. Clouds of corespun pink superwsh wool with loads of red sparkle spun in. Über- Bulky weight. Stashed.

Hey, remember the Bobblesque yarns I blogged about a few days ago? One of them, 'Pretty Bird', was selected for a hand-picked gallery that appeared on the frontpage at! I was so thrilled (thanks, dishkitty, for letting me know about it!), and I got a whole BUNCH of 'Hearts Me' as a result. It's still for sale, if you are a blue & yellow fan (any Cal Bears fans out there?)

Finally, if you are a fan of disc golf (aka frisbee golf or frolf), you MUST view this video. It is THE funniest bit of digital discing I've ever seen. No golfers were hurt in the filming of this movie.

Have a great weekend! (PS - check in Saturday or Sunday for deets on my FINISHED, 2+ years in progress, Central Park Hoodie!!!!!)


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    I couldn't be happier♪
    This is the best day of my life!
    Oh..Velma.I'm really really glad! Thank you. Thank you so much.

    The colors that I love is full.
    For pink, green and a race to a greenfeather! !Wow!
    Colors and lace scraps and feathers and mixture with the fabric are perfect!

    I prostrate myself in your sense of color.
    It is very enviable. And I respect it very much.
    The other art yarn is splendid, too!
    "TnT Plus"and"Lockalicious" is a favorite☆

    Velma.Thank you for everything.
    I appreciate it very much!!!
    I want to say "Thank you" to a person around Velma.
    Kiss Kiss Love Velma♪♪♪

  2. Oh, Ayako, I am so pleased that you like it!!!!

    It is special for you.

    I am excited to see what you make with it!!

    I'll post it to you on Monday.

    Hugs, Velma


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