Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wire and Beads

(click for larger views and details)

I'm really getting into this bead knitting thing, you know? I made this cuff using 28gauge galvanized steel wire and glass millefiore bead chips. I'm pretty pleased with myself.


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    That's beautiful V!

  2. hey, thanks, tienne!! i'm loving it.

  3. OMG! It's absolutely gorgeous! You should be totally loving it. :-) Is it hard to work with the wire? I've often thought of trying it.

  4. I love small projects! Aren't they just SO rewarding??!!
    much-o bang for the time/energy buck...

    and the pocket too!

    great, good job V!

    nice photos too

    I particularily like the close up of the bracelets terrain

  5. thank you ladies!

    k, not *too* hard after you get accustomed to it. it felt more like sculpting the stitches than knitting them. i did a teeny piece w/ much smaller gauge wire yesterday for my 365 piece, and it was more flexible, hence more knitting-like. try it! i want to make earrings soon.

    r, i've been working on my photo skills alot lately. i've seen similar 'landscape' shots of knitting on flickr, and like my effort at emulation, too.


  6. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Hey V,
    I love the bracelet. Fiber techniques in metal was what I was going to go to Grad school for...then life changed abit:)

    check out Varunas site and watch him morph into Arnold...funny stuff. Did Cole try it?


  7. hi michelle! i just checked out varunarnold. funny! cole doesn't do ANYTHING on the computer except check email, and sometimes he needs my help for that. ;)

    i didn't realize you are into metal! i'm having fun w/ this. it is my first wire knitting endeavor, and someone on flickr already wants to buy one! whee!

  8. That's so amazingly gorgeous. :)

  9. thanks so much, zia! i checked out your blog, and you have some beautiful tops you've knit. i'll have to visit more often. cheers!


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