Sunday, December 03, 2006

Magic Yarn Ball Swap

Check out the loot I got from Lampe's Lumps in the Art Yarn Spinner's Magic Yarn Ball Swap.

Above is what it looked like from the outside, and below is what I found inside. She sent amazing stuff! There are glitter pompons, glass beads (those monkey heads are the best), shell buttons and plastic buttons, flocked teddy bear beads, flower sequins, and 56 yards of mohair locks and wool handspun. I scored! Thanks, Mrs. Lampe!

I made this skein of handspun from brown Cormo wool and silk throwster's waste, then tucked in glass and stone beads, vintage bone buttons, vintage silk thread, and vintage abalone buckles. Hope my recipient likes it.

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  1. Here I am, Monday morning... with my cuppa and Velma, to start my day

    Once again all is right and good in my little whirl

    I am digging this magic yarn ball. I'm not sure if it's the pom poms, the concept, or the MONKEYS ;]

    Have a great day Velma!

  2. i live to make your whirl right. ;)

    isn't the magic yarn ball a great concept? usually it isn't done w/ a skein of handspun but short lengths of 'regular' yarn tied together (scraps, i think), but the tucked-in stuff is common to both.

    i didn't take a picture of the stuff i put inside the one i made, so i hope my swapee does so i can share it.



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