Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Muertos Mio

Dancing in honor of deceased loved ones. Sugar skulls. Marigolds. What do these have in common? They are all elements of Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, rituals. Celebrated all over Latin America on Nov. 1-2, today we honor our dead. Cole and I both lost our mothers in the last 5 years, and today we'll spend extra time remembering them.

any traditional crafts are associated with this holiday; here are links to four easy projects, courtesy of
And a couple more from Crafty Chica:
Suggestions on making your own ofrenda, or altar offering for Dia de los Muertos are available here. And a recipe for traditional pan de muerto (bread of the dead). Sublime Stitching offers a Dia de los Muertos motif. Lastly, you can't be thinking I'd leave knitters out, can you? There's a Day of the Dead Knitalong, inspired by the Summer '06 issue of Knit.1 and the dolls therein.

Want t0 learn more about DdlM? Go here. (Thanks to Patrick Murillo for the knitter calaca image).


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    You know I always thought Day of the Dead was one of the best 'holidays' ever to hit the planet.

    Cheers -- to keeping the Torch lit.

  2. hey, dude mcE, glad to see you crawling out of the proverbial woodwork!!! air 5 on that.

  3. Anonymous7:04 PM

    You may have already seen this, but Knitty has published a scarf pattern called "YoricK", with skullls on either end. Perfect for the day of the dead.

    I'm sooooo glad you liked the sock yarn!

    Secret Pal

  4. great idea, spoiler! i'd forgotten about that scarf, and you're right, it would be perf.

    and yes, i love the sock yarn. now i just need to choose a basic pattern...


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