Friday, November 03, 2006

Knit the Vote

Next Tuesday, November 7 is a special day, and you'd better know why: it's election day. Chrissy, aka Knittin' Mom, has started the blog I'm a Knitter and I Vote! to discuss all things political. It's also a place to announce that you've voted; adding your name to the roster of voters there says tells the knitblogging world you are participated in the most fundamental of democratic processes - you exercised your right (I say responsibility) to vote.

Whatever your political proclivities, I know you'll do the right thing and make your voice heard on Nov. 7. As for me, this sign (which I nicked from Patagonia's "Don't Forget to Vote" email), pretty much sums it up for this knitter.

I'm passionate about the environment, as in protecting it, not exploiting it. The Arctic Wildlife Refuge, Endangered Species Act, and 15 National Parks are or have been at risk as a result of the current national administration. Information on national environmental issues is available at Vote the Environment.

Interested in more information on these issues? Here are some links that I found informative. The League of Conservation Voters provides a National Environmental Scorecard for elected officials. Project Vote Smart is a citizen's organization developing a Voter's Self-Defense Program to provide unbiased information. Not registered? Online registration is available. There is still time to educate yourself on the issues. But however you feel about them, go out and vote your conscience. Vote for, vote against, JUST VOTE.

Edited to add: I posted more environmental issues and the election links on the I'm A Knitter and I Vote blog.


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Velma, thanks for the great links! I'm going to post an entry leading my meager readers to your wise words!

  2. hey, amy, thanks! i just went and read your post, and i appreciate the back-link. it's so reassuring to see others get frothed about this issue... i am always disheartened to read on the post-election wednesdays about the turnout statistics.

    happy voting!

  3. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I've been urging people to get out to vote on my blog, too. It's time for big change!! Global warming gets to me and other environmental issues, too. Not to mention the fact that in a recent poll Canada, England, and Mexico opined that GWB is more of a threat to peace in the world than Kim Jong Il. Shameful to have that reputation in the world.

  4. you're right on point, lynn. and what's (almost) worse, is being considered anti-american by fellow citizens if you dissent or question. and i think you only get to bitch if you vote, don't you? i wish we'd do what australia does, and make voting mandatory, w/ a fine if you don't.


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