Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fall Knitting

It's that time of year when the mosquitos, too cold to function but still alive, lurk in the house, biding their last minutes. It's the only time of year when I feel guilt over smooshing them to their deaths. But at night they must warm up, because if I don't snuff out their wee lives, those little ravenous bitches bite me as I sleep.

It's the time of year for death, isn't it? The fall leaves are, well, falling. The last of the apples dropped out of the tree in the back yard. Even the days die earlier. Dia de los Muertos approaches. Decay is the word of the day. This is Tuesday Sky (my own take on Saturday Sky). That's the view over the fence between my yard and my neighbor's, looking roughly east. I just love the way it is laden with berries; when the breeze blows through its branches, the dry rustling of the leaves sounds to me like a rainstick.

Why all the gloom? No reason. I woke up to the anticipated daily love note from Cole on the kitchen dry erase board, and this offering of heart-shaped rocks he left by my laptop. He finds these everywhere, the sweetie; I have a whole collection of them on the counter.

Just contempletive today, is all. Doesn't that seem apropos as autumn sets in around here? I think so. We don't get strong seasons here in Humboldt, but the weather chills, Farmer's Market closes in on the end of another season, and we bunker-down for winter. Time to turn inward.

Or maybe that's not it at all. Maybe it's the "Soulless Pucker" Monster Hat from Insubordiknit I started last night. That felted face is kinda ghostly, I think. I've had the kit for an eon or more, and been meaning to knit it up. I make so many hats that I give away, side prizes at our local disc golf tournaments, but it has been awhile since I made myself one. The little sequin bits are proving somewhat troublesome; can't quite figure out how to keep them from bunching and being scratchy. But the yarn is wonderful; if you haven't seen her handspun yarns, you are missing out.

Also on the knitting front: this is a picture of the finally-finished bobbles for the Bobbles, Bobbles Everywhere Bag. Well, not finished finished; I still have to stuff 'em and stitch 'em closed. But at least they are knit, all 192 of them. Getting so close to being ready to felt this sucker up; my first felting foray. I'm going to diverge from the pattern a bit, and felt the parts seperately, rather than after the bobbles are attached as suggested. I think (I hope) this will allow for a more even felting overall. You can check out Celeste's (almost) finished bag at the KAL site.

Yesterday, Tom the postman brought me a package. Although it didn't contain the anxiously awaited fiber from my Buggin' Out swap partner (where are you??), it did hold this vintage tooled leather handbag I purchased from Barbe of Saints and Sinners. She does artyarn, jewelry, and mixed media pieces, and she sells some vintage stuff too. I need to clean the inside of the bag out a bit, and the upholstery tacks don't all much, but she's got a lot of life left in her. I'm a sucker for vintage crap. (Are you reading this, Secret Pal? That's some good inside info I just gave you there.)

This last-but-not-least photo is the earring rack my sweetie made me over the weekend. I've been desperately needing a better system for storing my earrings; until now I've utilized the tried-and-true tangled-mess-on-the-desk method. Now I have a lovely, purple organizer for the wall, keeping them all neat and tidy. Thanks, Poodle!

I also had a wonderful phone conversation yesterday with Natasha, of Luxe. We've been commenting on each others' blogs a lot lately, and have done a couple of swaps, and we've escalated into long chats now. She is a great inspiration to me; her yarns are wonderful, and she is generous in sharing her spinning experience. Thanks for sharin', N!

Guess that's enough of the blahblahblah. Felt like I needed to make up for my lame post yesterday. But now I'm off to do some stuff so I'll have something to post about tomorrow. Ciao!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Label/Receipt Number: 0103 8555 7497 3618 1483
    Status: Notice Left

    We attempted to deliver your item at 11:04 am on October 05, 2006 in ARCATA, CA 95518 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
    This is your swap partner checking on why you haven't received your Bugging Out Swap! Apparently the Post Office tried to deliver. Please check with your post office!

  2. I'm dying for my buggy fiber swap too!!

    Glad you like the purse! I wish I could've cleaned the inside, but I don't have any leather stuff, and was afraid to use 409 on it...She needs some good leather cleaner and some mink oil and she'll be ready to use again! I wanted to send you other stuff,but don't know you well enough to know what ya like, so that will have to be another package!

    IF you ever make a trip down to the city, we must hook up! and darn I need to add your blog to my list!!

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    How sweet of Cole! You guys are lucky to have one another. Hope the gloom lifts soon.

  4. lynn! i'm such a dorko. i didn't remember that i'd used my p.o. box for the swap, and hadn't checked it for awhile. it's been there all this time waiting for me! many, many thanks for the loveley goodies ms. yarnwench.

    barbe, oh, i do love the bag, i do! wasn't complaining about the condition, just reminding myself it needs a bit of sprucing. good idea on the mink oil, too. i'd love to do a swap w/ you sometime. and i like *your* blog, too; loved the 'scary' doll.

    thanks, tienne, we are so glad/lucky/pleased/blessed etc. to have one another. the gloom is just mental; we're having a wonderful late indian summer in these parts. i just felt introspective today.

  5. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Secret Pal IS listening!

  6. heehee, hi secret pal! i figured you were out there, lurking. just my way of saying howdy! xo

  7. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Whew Velma! I was sweating it out - I mailed it last Monday priority so I knew you should have received it! Glad you have it in your mitts. I got mine today too. Looking forward to seeing your yarn.

  8. gawd, lynn, i feel like such a goober, you paying for priority and then me letting it sit, and sit, and s i t.

    but it's beautimous, and i look forward to spinning it up. think i'll make 2: a buggy one in black w/ all the goodies, and a nice fall colors one w/ the lovely merino roving. i'll keep you posted. hope yours is as good as mine. xo v

  9. oh honey-no worries! I know you weren't complaining!! That purse does need a good cleaning cause she IS dirty! I wiped her down with a damp towel, but she's been unused for a good 10 yrs since I've had her, so to put it blunty....she's a dirty little thing!! LOL

  10. so, she's a sinner, not a saint? girl after my own heart. ;)

  11. i came over to make sure that you got your buggy swap package...and say hi. xo

  12. i did, i did! and i'm writing the blog post about it as we speak. and 'hi' to you, too. besos, v

  13. Hey, thanks for the lovely package! I was out of town and about 11 p.m. on Sunday, my DH said, "Oh, there's a package for you!" I've wearing the bug pins all week and planning the spinning. I might tone down the orange with some brown alpaca or go the other way completely! Thanks again - of, and by the way - its 28 degrees F. and snowing here in MN. Fall has come and gone, baby!

  14. hi ellen! so glad you liked your stuff! personally, i hope you do something loud with all that purple, orange, and green, but it is surely yours to do anything your little heart desires. can't wait to see it! off to comment on your blog, besos, v

    ps 28F?!? holy crap, i'd freeze my bounteous booty off! i get cold when it hits 40F here... keep warm!


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