Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I was all set to do a post about the brewing yarn controversy involving allegations of mislabeling of cashmere yarns, but after creating what I think was an informative and amusing (and link-laden, and looong) post, my damn computer froze up and I lost the whole thing. Damn. Did I mention, damn?!?

I had a few second thoughts before posting it, involving fear of libel issues (who me? have an opinion and spout off about it?). So, despite all the work I put into the post, I've decided that maybe this was the universe's way of telling me: "Don't go there, Velma." So I haven't re-created the post. Since you probably have no idea what I'm even talking about, if you are still curious check out yesterday's post at January One, Sunday's post at GoKnitinYourHat, and the thread at Knitter's Review Forums. Damn.

The whole reason I was going to write about this issue in the first place was because I am using one of the yarns in question in my Tempting ballet-neck pullover, which I had planned to write a progress report on today. When I stumbled across this "Got cashmere?" issue, I thought it would be interesting to report about it. In lieu of that, I think I'll just report on my progress. Last night, while watching Dead Like Me and Nip/Tuck, I finished the body and about 1.5 inches of one sleeve. Whether or not there is any actual cashmere in this yarn, and despite the rumors of it not wearing well (pilling), I love this yarn. I don't care if it this yarn contains unwashed goat butt-hair, it's so soft! And a dream to knit. After figuring out the problem I was having with "put 16 stitches on waste yarn" problem with the pattern - thanks, TemptingCurvesKAL - (duh, do it after you've knit the stitches, Velma!), I am home free. Hoping to finish this before my sexual counseling seminar this weekend (how to conduct sex counseling, not having sex counseling; last grad school course for my MFT degree); it's a sexy little number and I'd like to wear it to the Friday night workshop (is it bad that I'm thinking about my own sexy factor for a seminar on sexual counseling? Probably. Do I care? Nope.)

Anyhow, since there's not enough progress for a new WIP photo (you can see the previous one HERE), I am providing this random photo from inside my house: Still Life with Dots. Enjoy!


  1. Ooo! I have those salt and pepper shakers too! So cute.

    And I too loooove the Cashmerino and want to knit something for me out of it one day no matter what it's made of. I made a Miss Dashwood hat once and it was soooo soft.

  2. thx, the s&p's are from garden gate in arcata, the store my friend kate owns.

    miss dashwood hat sounds familiar. kind of 20s? sounds like it would be really comfy.

  3. Velma?

    are you there?

    is everything ok?

    today is Saturday...

    your last post was on Wednesday...

    I am growing concerned


    can you hear me?

  4. computer down! COMPUTER DOWN!

  5. aaah, is right. you'll just have to enjoy your weekend sans velma drivel. good thing it's sunny...

  6. imissed ya! i love those birdies! i have tried to catch up on blogs tonite and given myself a headache. so not cool.


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