Thursday, September 28, 2006


Wednesday's headline from our local rag the Times-Standard made me laugh. Like the way that the CAMP photo is juxtaposed by the hemp bill piece? Welcome to politics on the Left Coast. Thought Derek and Patrick might enjoy it; Mike E., too. (Please don't write to me to edumacate me on the difference between pot and hemp; I know, already).

Picked up a 1/2 case of 1/2 gallon Ball jars the other day in an attempt to organize my craft crap a bit. This is what I ended up with:

one jar each of ROYGBIV yarn scraps and other dribs and drabs that can be carded in (when I get a drum carder - soon!) with fiber to make happy batts for spinning, a la those used by all the wonderful artyarn spinners out there. Got the jar idea from Yarnpunk. Now all I've gotta do is organize the room they go in...

Finally got in quick enough to score a round of roving from Michelle at Fun with Yarn before it was all sold out. This 4oz. bump of baby alpaca called 'Slither' is gonna be mine, all mine!

I haven't spun alpaca yet, and am excited to try a new fiber. Her stuff is gorgeous; check it out if you are in the market for some new handspun or fiber.

Picked up this scale a few weeks ago so I can weigh my handspun. Here it is with the bowl full of brown wool ready for the wheel. It'll come in handy tomorrow when I weigh out the goodies I'm sending

out for the Buggin'-Out Fiber Swap. I'll take pics of my contribution tomorrow.

Off to prepare for tonight's Purl 'n Hurl. Ta!


  1. OH. MY. GOD. That Times-Standard front page is a classic! I love it! So much of the stereotypical (yet somwhat truthful) Humboldt culture captured in one half of a newsprint page. Brilliant!

  2. i thought you'd like it, p. can you say 'nutshell'?

  3. how come you have such a precise scale? huh? huh? huh? i would love to chat on the phone if you like send me your digits. giggle. no seriously.

  4. hee hee. our friendly local head-shop sells them, no surprise there. they also sell disc golf frisbees, and i get a discount as a member of our local dg club, par infinity, as the shop sponsors us. but if i ever need to weigh something else....

    pretty funny now that i think of it that the scale is in the same post as the weed article...

    ps i sent you my digis - call me!


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