Monday, September 25, 2006

How Lucky Are We?

We had the very best weather of the entire 2006 year this weekend, if you ask me. Spectacular! Temps in the low 80s, which we almost never see, clear blue skies, and just a hint of a breeze to keep it pleasant. Definitely a day for the beach, so Eileen and Sophie and I headed there on Saturday after breakfast at the Seascape on the pier in Trinidad. Stuffed full of crab omelettes and french toast, we first strolled on the pier and watched the harbor seals fish for their morning meal, then walked to State Beach and cavorted. Sophie immediately shucked her trousers and her sandals and ran around arms akimbo, delighted in the sand and surf. Seems everyone there had a different idea of the best way to experience the seashore. There was a cowboy surf fisherman, complete with hat and boots. Skimboarders were everywhere. One woman sat facing the ocean, shirt off, drinking a Pabst in her bra. There was a guy wading chest-deep in the surf, Eileen and I decided for gawd-only-knows what reason must be a gay tourist from France but who turned out to be merely from Oregon. And there the cliche visitors with cameras slung around their necks, shoes and socks firmly on, standing at the surf line who were shocked, SHOCKED, when the next wave came 8 inches further up the sand and wet them to their calves. Then there was us, with our half-naked nymph who wanted to make friends with everyone, especially the puppies who'd just rolled in the dead seagull, and with the little boy with the bucket and shovel. All in all a lovely morning.

Right up until Eileen got the call from the vet with the news about Boots. For the readers who have asked, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is not expected to make it. It's really rough on Eileen, as Boots was her best friend for 5 years. Everyone here is waiting to hear how he did over the weekend; that will determine the best course of action for him and for Eileen. So your good thoughts for them are still appreciated.

Edited to add: Boots died last night. R.I.P., Boots.


  1. ((((((((((BOOTS)))))))))
    may your walk home be peaceful.

  2. thank you, pippi, i will pass this on. v


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