Sunday, August 13, 2006

This One's for You, Rebecca!

I've been sitting out on the deck, soaking up sunshine and inspiration and pouring it into the single I'm creating for OneTwistedKitty, winner of one of the drawing prizers for Blogathon sponsors of Velma's World. Hope you like it, R! Although all that is visible here is a rather rootbeer-y color, it also has lots of lavendar, a little pink and a little yellow, and a smidge of other autumn shades. Predominantly a russet orange, which should suit her lovely auburn tresses, ooh la la! More pics here.

Fiber came from beargoddess13 on eBay, a dyed fleece of unknown lineage. I bought about 1lb., so should be able to spin up enough for a garment for her. It's pretty "rustic" (read: lots of vm & some grease), but ridiculously easy to spin. I like working with it. The lanolin makes it nice 'n sticky, which makes getting a good degree of slubbiness that much easier. (Sure bugs my eczema, though).


Tell me what you're thinking, I dare you!

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