Friday, August 18, 2006

Purl 'n Hurl Rant

OK, I can be a patient woman. A forgiving woman even. But WHAT IS UP with my knitting peeps, I ask?? Where is everyone?? I got pestered for freakin' months with:"When are you going to have a Purl 'n Hurl, Velma?"; "Velma, I miss Purl 'n Hurl!"; and "What happened to Purl 'n Hurl??". Usually delivered in a petulant, pouty voice to boot. So what did I do? I kick-started Purl 'n Hurl, that's what I did. I know, I know, it's summer and, at least 'round these parts, folks aren't picking up the needles as fervently; they're out there, rafting and hiking and frolfing and summer stuff. But sheesh. So maybe my timing is off.

I talked it up. I had a poll to help choose a night (in which all of 8 people voted, including me. Twice). I started a blog about it, for chrissakes. In other words, I spent not a little bit of time and effort that I could have used for knitting, all to make it a good experience for everyone.

And what happens? No one shows. NO ONE SHOWS. OK, Eileen was there. And Cheri was there. But they'd be there if I had PnH at the wastewater treatment facility on Thanksgiving. (Well, maybe not Thanksgiving, 'cuz we'd be at Eileen's annual Turkey Day party; but we'd damn well have our knitting with us). And yes, Melissa was there too, but she didn't bring any fiber projects with her. So does she really count? (Well, OK, she's a riot, so she's worth having along even sans knitting. But still). So all right, maybe Jay had a good excuse for not attending; he was sick on death's door. Maybe JBob had a valid reason too; she was at work, after all. And Folie Douce, is pretty pricey. Shit, I spent 60 bucks on wine & oyster shooters myself, and me with no job.

So we tried again last night with high hopes, this time at Plaza Grill where the cost isn't so steep. And Jay was supposed to be feeling better. And Nat said she was planning on coming. And what happened? No one showed. NO ONE SHOWED. OK, ok, Eileen was there (yeah E!). And there were two newbies there, Tosh and Jennifer; they had personality and knitting with them. And yeah, I knew Cheri couldn't come, Kathy either, because they were working at the fair. And sure, I probably scared Nat off with my whole "don't-come-if-you're-just-here-to-drink-and-not-to-knit" spiel. (Jeez, Velma, did you forget about the "Hurl" part of Purl 'n Hurl??).

So maybe I got my panties all in a wad about nothing. Maybe I just need to be more, ahem, patient. Maybe, just maybe, I need to have more understanding for my friends, rather than just think that they will convene on my command. Nat did say that she's feeling a cabled sweater coming on. And after Cheri gets back from her vacation in 2 weeks, she promised to bring me a picture of her blue-ribbon, fair-winning Noro bag. And now I have 2 new friends that might just join us again. So maybe Eileen was right on the drive home last night when she said I should just cool it and not take it so personally, that it's not my party, it belongs to Purl 'n Hurl.

So here's to next week. I hope that you can come join us at Plaza Grill on Thursday. Purl On! Oh, and here's a pic of a painting that hung on the wall last night; if nothing else, come for the crazy art!

(Thanks and hugs to those who did come these last 2 weeks)

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