Friday, August 04, 2006

Prizers for Velma, Prizers for YOU!

I got a bunch of goodies in the mail this week that I want to share, and then I want to talk about the VWorld Sponsor Drawing.

First, I got these cutie-patootie earrings from my ex-boyfriend/current friend-friend George, who is in Alaska with his fiancee Deb. Aren't they adorable? Who doesn't love pink polka-dot balls?!? They are made from fishing lures, and he told me that when he saw them, he thought of me. I love it! He says they are a belated birthday gift, but I say they are right on time because this year I celebrated the 42 Days of Velma! My friend OneTwistedKitty Rebecca told me that for each year older you get, you get one more day of celebration. This year, my "party" started on June 8 (the day before my b-day) and ended on July 19th - wheee! It's the only thing besides wine that gets better and better every year... Thanks, George!

Second, I got this lovely "Package of Randomness" from my friend Maven at ThoughtNuggets, just 'cuz. She wanted to thank me for sponsoring her in Blogathon 2006 (totally unnecessary but always appreciated). Look at what she sent me:
  • 2 skeins ModaDea Wild! yarn
  • 90 min. Maxelle blank cassette tape
  • Folicure intensive vitamin treatment for "overstressed" hair
  • Mary Engelbreit magnet
  • green photo album
  • Fort Lauderdale postcard
  • Aligator Bob's 'gator jerky (mmmm)
I can't decide if the first item or the last is my fave. Thanks, Maven!

Lastly, let's talk about the VWorld Blogathon 2006 Sponsor Drawing. Who will be the lucky winners of the drawing for handknit hats, handspun yarn, and disc golf paraphernalia?!? Tune in tomorrow, when I announce the winners!!

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