Friday, August 25, 2006

More Non-Knitting Crafting for Your Amusement

So there's this party on Saturday, but I can't go because this weekend is also the 100 Holes of Humboldt disc golf tournament, which is TD'ed by Cole, so is a big deal in my house. But this party, it's billed as a "circus freak" party, with fire poi, and juggling, and HULA HOOPING! (I used to date an aspiring professional juggler, AND there's a Commedia dell'arte school in the town next door, AND my friends are, well, odd; hence the party).

As part of the invite materials, I was provided a link to How to Make a Hula Hoop (a skill I daresay most of us crafters have not acquired yet). The photo above is from that site; thanks Jason, and a shoutout to Laura for providing the link! From the instructions, in describing how to connect the two ends of the tubing used, THIS is my favorite line: "If it doesn't go in, you need to heat it up more."

Be sure to explore the site, as it demonstrates just how serious these folk are about their hooping; I found the "Dance Hoops vs. Sport Hoops" letter-to-the-editor amusing myself (who knew there is such variety in hoops??). As a survivor of Burning Man 2004, I can vouch for the commitment of the hoopers and their circus ilk. So here's to all my circus freak friends: may your party be filled with helium, and may your hula hoops stay aloft indefinitely!

On the knitting front, there's an update of last night's Purl 'n Hurl HERE. And I'm just about done with the body of the Noni Bobbles Bag, and ready to start on making some actual bobbles; wheee!

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