Saturday, July 29, 2006

Musical Interlude

Game 1 is up and running at Blogathon2006, and I wanna play, damnit! Here's the question: "What are you listening to now, and why?" Well, I'm not listening to any music yet, 'cuz I haven't even had my coffee! Have no idea where the iPod is and don't wanna wake up the BF 'cuz he's been so good to me, so the stereo is out. No radio in the kitchen where I'm blogging (gotta fix that). And I'm not dressed yet (mmm, birthday suit and plushy-plush robe, I loves ya!), so that means a visit to the coffee shop next door (which I am mad at anyway) is o-u-t out! But if I were listentening to music, I think today it would be Ernest Ranglin, Below the Bassline, to get me in the groove. Yeah, that's it.

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