Monday, July 24, 2006

Give 'til it Hurts!

According to the big Firefox counter, only 111 hours remain until Blogathon 2006, so I'm officially tardy in my duty to solicit donations from YOU, my sweet readers. So this is a blatant solicitation of your funds, but one you should heed because:
  1. it's for a worthy cause; and
  2. there are pri-zers!
What are "prizers" you ask? Excellent question! That just proves you are listening, and I thank you for that. Prizers are Velma-speak for treats, goodies, rewards, presents, or any other gifty-things. Velma loves prizers, both given and received. As the first Blogathon supporter of Velma's World, local knitter OneTwistedKitty Rebecca will receive her choice of a handknit beanie or a skein of handspun yarn, both created by yours truly. She tells me she is verklempt in anticipation. Cheers, Rebecca!

I've also received cash donations from my Luddite friends Shaylin, Produce, and Eli. Their names, ALONG WITH YOURS IF YOU PONY UP, will be put in a hat and, at the conclusion of the Blogathon (maybe even sooner, if the mood strikes), I will reach my pretty little mitt into said hat and draw out multiple names representing those lucky contributors who will be receiving one or more mystery prizers, courtesy of moi.

So, as they say, GIVE EARLY AND OFTEN. Here's the 411:

Beginning at 6:00am Pacific on Saturday, July 29th (that's this Saturday, peeps), I'll be placing toothpicks under my eyelids to prop them open (not really) and stay up for 24 CONSECUTIVE HOURS (really!) to blog for charity. I must post a minimum of once every 30 minutes in order to stay in the Blogathon (like a walkathon, but I'll be blogging, not walking, get it?). My "theme" is binary: I'll be blogging about disc golfing on the hour (e.g., 6:00, 7:00, 8:00...) and fiber fun (knitting & spinning & felting, oh my!) on the half-hour (e.g., 6:30, 7:30, 8:30...). So, if at say, 3:30 a.m. after the bars close you get a hankerin' for a hank o' yarn, or at 11:00 a.m. you discern a discing dilemma, log on and come keep me company. I'll be doing anything I can think of to stay awake, heehee, so I'm going to shoot for lots of audience participation. Now I just need to drum up an audience...

So here's what to do:
  1. Go HERE and sponsor my blog for charity; then
  2. Come back HERE on the 29th-30th and say "howdy!"
  3. Leave me a comment on Velma's World so I'll know you contributed.
It's that simple! And you can donate as a sponsor any time between now and the July 31 and be counted in my total funds raised (and be eligible for my prizer drawing).Want more info? You can read about Blogathon 2006 HERE. You can read about my charity, DonorsChoose, HERE. Still confused but want to participate? You can pop an ee male to velma (underscore) occam (at) yahoo (dot) com (sorry 'bout that; got to keep the bots 'n spiders at bay).

Thank You!



  1. Anonymous4:43 PM


    It's Jono here from *insert witty title here*... ta muchly for the add, I#ve returned the favour. ;)

    Hope it's all going well, no doubt we'll be in touch before (and during) Saturday..!

  2. Thanks, Jono! Backatcha. v

  3. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Hi Sweetz,
    I pledged $20 for your cauz.
    Hope it helps. Thank you for
    being you.

  4. Thanks, Cheryl, your in the drawing!! xoxo

  5. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Hi Velma

    Just popped by to return your visit. See you on Saturday, if not before


  6. Yeah beth! Back 'n forth between Woolgathered and here, me too. 'Til Saturday! xoxo

  7. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Would if I could, Velma. I'm glad someone's doing it, thanks. Hey, your blog is cool: Velmalikevelvet. The girls are away for a couple of weeks, so I'm just takin' it slow - blowing everything else off. How's your summer? G

  8. Gina, is that you? NO worries, truly. Enjoy your respite. xo v

  9. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Yep, it's me. It's the first time I've ever posted on a blog!

  10. I figured it out! Smart me. Make sure you check out the rest, and feel free to leave comments on any post. But leave your 1st name or initials or something, too, so I don't have to sleuth-out who it is posting. xo v

  11. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Did you know we are neighbors? I've been living in this neck of the woods almost 4 yrs. I don't know if he's your landlord, but the guy who lived there and I had a run-in at the intersection. I ended up having to pay. Anyway, welcome to the hood. x2o2 Gina


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