Saturday, July 29, 2006

9:30pm - Anna

O.k., so I can't imagine that there's anyone even remotely interested in fiber arts that hasn't heard of Anna Voog, but just in case, this is my obligatory blog post about her spectacular work. (Photo courtesy of Anna Voog).

So she does these hats (have you noticed I have a thing for hats?). And has a crochet blog, String Theory. She has a "regular" website (with nudity) where she appears in a documentary, WebCamGirls. And the compulsory MySpace site. And she makes music! For crying out loud, she's in Wikipedia. The woman is astounding.


  1. Oh my... send that to You Knit WHat???

  2. what, you don't like it? i love her work. (it's crocheted, btw). but to each her own.


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