Saturday, July 29, 2006

9:30am - LuxeFibre

I want to pimp some of my friend (and sponsor) Natasha's yarns. They can be had for a reasonable sum at her site, LuxeFibre. You can read about her process and other fun things at her blog, BeingNatashaFialkov. This one's called: Oatmeal and Fuschia. Delish!

Check out more of her yarns on Flickr


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    *twitches* Don't you dare tempt me with that yarn!

  2. Oh, I wish! These are my friend Natasha's yarns; she's a spinning-goddess. But you know, prizers for my $5 or more sponsors include some of *my* handspun... ;)

  3. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Oh man, I don't need more yarn. I'm still chugging along on my sweater.

  4. i'm working on the central park hoodie cabled cardigan, from knitscene. what about you?

  5. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I'm doing Mariah, from knitty. I started it this past December, and I'm on the hood, so hopefully I'll have it done before this coming December, eh? :P

  6. what are the odds that we'd both be working on cabled hoodies?!?

    december sounds about right...


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