Sunday, July 30, 2006

5:00am - Disc Golf Podcasts

Rounding out our multi-media blitz on disc golf, with the VERY LAST POST on this subject for Blogathon 2006, here are some podcast links:

PDGA Radio News - hosted by Brian Sullivan
Cubby's Disc Golf World - hosted by Carl Cubbedge

I hope you've enjoyed the disc golf nonsense that I've put out into cyberspace in the past 23 hours, and that you'll come back to Velma's World again when you are looking for more.


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Hi Velma.
    Great links. Thanks.

  2. yer welcome, c! thx for visiting. xo v

  3. Hi Velma, Carl Cubbedge here from Cubby's Disc Golf World. Thanks for the mention in your blog. The link you have posted is for my old audio podcasts. No longer active due to the podcast hosting service going out of business. I did post all my old audio podcasts on But now chronicle my Disc Golf adventures in video and pictures at

    Warm regards, Cubby

  4. many thanks for the visit and the updated link, carl! cheers, velma


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