Saturday, July 29, 2006

1:30pm - Pluckyfluff-o-rama!

So I just realized that not only have I never blogged about the woman who got me hooked on spinning yarn, but I've never even linked to her (shame, shame). That is something that must be remedied. Go check out Pluckyfluff! Lexi is the woman behind the book, the site, the goods, and the spinning retreats. I was *so* close to making it to Camp Pluckyfluff this summer, but just couldn't quite make it happen.


  1. I love pretty yarn!

  2. Another site I've added to faves!

  3. glad you like it. lexi is a really sweet woman, too. i bought a bunch of her handspun before i learned to spin, and now get some of my spinning supplies from her.


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