Saturday, June 24, 2006

Inside Out

So I got an email today from my friend OneTwistedKitty today. She had nice things to say to/about me and velmasworld. BUT. She raised an uncomfortable point: she admonished me for being inside, working on my blog, on such a B-E-A-YOUTEEFULL Saturday afternoon. She knew, oh yes, she knew I was inside working on blog details. She knows me only too well, that one. I had to respond, I had to change my ways. What this situation called for was some outside time, some backyard time. With my knitting. And maybe a cocktail. So that's what I did. The BF (Cole) whipped me up a double (o.k., triple) greyhound with mint and lime, I took the hat I am working on (Noro Kureyon beanie, I make dozens a year to give away to friends), and I sat my ass in a lawn chair under the apple tree. He (the BF), insisted on the photo-op (o.k., o.k., you busted me again, I asked him to take the picture to prove to OTKitty that I didn't stay indoors all day).

But it didn't last too long, this lovely nature excursion. I'm back inside now, writing this (I can't see the screen on my laptop when I try to work outdside - anybody have a solution for this?). Then it's quality time with Harry, my Lendrum spinning wheel. Here, let me introduce you! This is my new wheel. I learned on the Schacht in yesterday's post, and although she was a really smooth spinner, she couldn't accomodate the bulky yarns I covet and dream of spinning, and she wasn't portable enough to fly with easily. And although Harry and I are still getting to know one another, I see lots of time together in our futures. I haven't spun many yearns on him yet, and haven't plied on him at all, but I think I made a good choice in choosing him.

So off I go, to work with the yummy handpainted roving in greens and blues that I got on eBay (I'll post a pic soon, promise). I lose my free high-speed connection at ~8:00, so I better finish this up. Cheers!



  1. Yeah! nice to see you taking some good advice... hopefully it has spilled over into today as well.

    Have a good one Miss V.


  2. Thanks, Twisty Kitty! Yes, I spun some beautiful blue and green roving out in the sun in the backyard today. You take good care of me!
    XoXo V

  3. Congrats on the new wheel...he looks great! and welcome back to blogland...

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hey Sweetie,
    I love your page. It is so creative. I just checked the webring and it appears you have passed the test. So you are good to go. You can leave the html code and not have the huge button. Unless the top guys from the ring contact you, it should be fine. It looks fine to me.
    Cheryl Eldridge,
    Disc Golf Web Ring Owner
    Please join the WDGA. We need
    more supportive members.

  5. Thanks for checking the code, Cheryl, and for the nice compliment.

  6. you look so cute out there! i try to sit outside as much as possible in the summer. i love it. when i try to spin outside, i have too much stuff and it wants to blow away and i get annoyed and it sort of ruins the day.

  7. don't tell, but sometimes i *gasp* spin n.a.k.e.d.! xo v


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