Tuesday, May 06, 2003


As my knitting has been languishing in the workbasket, and I've had no chance to take pictures of my newest shoe lovelies, I'm harkening back to the original meaning of blog: a log of things I found on the web, hence 'weblog' or 'blog.' ‹ahem› Please excuse my pedantry ‹/ahem›

My friend Thomas' Bitchin' Burning Man photos
♥ Cool blog 1: Evil Coffee
♥ Cool blog 2: The Go Fish
♥ Cool blog 3: Everlasting Blort
Random Advertising Slogan Generator
Free music at Epitonic
Art of Nikolaus Maack
Shoe Lovers' site - great books!
Buy kewl kitsch krap here

Purl & Hurl Status: Don't expect a recap from me tomorrow, 'cuz I'm not going tonight! No, no, I'm going to see Greg Brown tonight instead. Have fun without me!

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